Why do I need to Polish my new car

The new car undoubtedly pleases the eye, shimmering in the sun and sparkling with a new body varnish. To prolong such a moment, it is not enough just to treat the car carefully. You need to take care of the car from the moment of its purchase! And the first thing that needs to be done is to Polish the body. Moreover, it is better to do this in a specialized company engaged in detaling. And why to do this and what kind of polishing to choose now I will tell you. Many will ask the question: "Why Polish the perfect coating of a new car?". If you have a supported auto – it's as clear as day. Polishing will give it a fresher appearance, eliminating small defects and damages. The cost of a car is not only money, but also a personal choice. I think it is worth remembering that regardless of the car's condition, all of its parts are as new when purchased. So if you want to buy a used car, it is better to choose an inexpensive one. We agree that the pictures speak for themselves! So, let's get to it! We start with the essential elements that we will be performing polishing: The surface of the body A clean, well-groomed surface is desirable, but not necessary. If you want to Polish the body with a high-quality paint, then you will have to experiment! Surface type and polishing parameters For polishing to be effective, you need a surface that is able to retain the appearance of the car . It must be completely smooth and not artificially contour the surface. You do not need to turn the wheel to get to the polishing area, and you need to aim for the center of the wheel. You do not need to turn the water to Polish the body, because in the end, the surface will be too shiny . The recommended surface The surface is ideal for commercial and government customers. It must be clear and flat, and it all needs to be thoroughly cleaned. There are special tools for polishing, but they are not enough for every situation.