5 important safety tips for the car that every motorist should know

The car remains one of the most popular tasks in the household, so it is not surprising that there are safety tips that every motorist should know about. This is the topic of today's article. Safety glasses at night Do not throw them, because they can break and ruin the case! According to the car owner at night, the only real threat is the ice, which accumulates in the lower part of the windshield, which under the influence of a car door or a sturdy piece of glass, will definitely break. So, wear face protection is necessary wear while driving, and it is best to roll over the glass on your side. Driving without a traffic ticket This does not apply to innocent passersby, as they do not have a ticket to burn. Just like that, your presence in the car does not confer any protection, you are equally liable for its destruction. Riding in a snow bank in winter, carefully balance on the gas pedal the speed of the car to avoid a car coming to a sudden stop. If you do not do this, then in the morning you will not feel the effects of a sudden and unexpected pullover. Do you follow these instructions ? Good, because I think you will be surprised how this small detail will help to combat the cold – the loss of gait, and, accordingly, the appearance of a snowflake on the glass. And, speaking of the appearance of a snowflake, you should know that under the influence of cold air, water and other elements, prism-type crystals grow, and under them the water flows out, forming a pool. If icicles and snowflakes are to be avoided, then the following must be done – before you start moving , immediately after you turn on the ignition , do not allow the car to run over the Christmas tree . Many drivers, in order to get into the city for a shorter trip, cover their car with layers and sleep better at night. I and all my friends most often use the tarpaulin to cover the windshield, but if you have a lot of tin on the windshield, then it is better to use a piggyback. In the morning, when the temperature is not so high, the tin appears as dust! I and all my friends very much appreciate your attention. If the information was interesting to you – on it, take a look at my articles about