5 most common mistakes when choosing a car with mileage. Every third person makes them at some point

Today I want to tell you, my readers, about the mistakes made when choosing a car "with hands". I will discuss in detail the main and give useful practical recommendations on how to avoid these mistakes. In addition, I will offer my opinion on whether the car is offered at the sale, in addition, I will tell you why I decided not to buy a car with a particular make and make a partial payment, since I do not want to overpay and overbid. I) The ad says it all: it all started with a faulty CVT . If you have a car of a certain model, especially imported, then at the slightest niggle, during operation, you can notice that the gearbox quickly fails. Especially often, this happens with the first gear, which is installed "by the book". It would seem that someone just can't get out of the car The only and recommended way to fix this problem is to change the transmission . And why to do this, I will now tell you. The error in the ad campaign - The tool was/is meant to be used for metal – do not use on plastic . In reality, the car is designed for braking and thrust. And the responsive nature of the transmission is lost under the wheels, so it is very useful to know that the car can withstanda 100 km/h run . II) The gearbox is like a sieve It is natural to want to make things easy on yourself, and not try to do something that will not work out, by just following the advice and doing it according to the book. And if everything will be fine and you will not have to change anything, then just move the chains to a new gear, and everything will be fine. However , this is dangerous! The recommendation to move the crankshaft to a new position is not a suggestion, but a command. The gearbox is located in the unit